The RST Advantage

Why choose RST?

As an innovative and highly responsive transportation solution provider, RST is ready to tackle your biggest challenge and provide you with the best value.
Discover the many key advantages RST delivers every day, including:
Safety: You look for an exceptional safety record. RST delivers year after year. Our drivers' product handling qualifications are directly linked into our dispatch system so that they are never assigned to carry a product they are not qualified to handle. We conduct in-depth training programs in the classroom as well as in cab training, and include not only drivers, but shop personnel and office staff as well. As an industry leader in the safe handling and transportation of a variety of products, we save you time, headaches and money.

 We have a full portfolio of equipment to meet your needs. The size of our fleet ensures that we are ready to move when you are. If we don't have what you need, we'll go that extra mile to have tanks custom built to your specifications. 
Cost savings: Single and multi-compartment tanks allow smaller quantities of several products to be transported at once. You only pay for what you ship.
Billing accuracy: Our billing system makes it easy to work with us. Your invoice is sent to you by email along with any proof of delivery (POD) if required. We can also generate delivery reports and send them to you as frequently as needed.
Equipment performance: Our tank trailers are designed to meet specific product requirements. Expert maintenance and safety programs ensure that our equipment continually meets or exceeds requirements.
Expert handling: Only experienced, professional drivers are dispatched to transport your goods. RST is continually developing and improving its team with extensive driver screening, ongoing training programs, and a dispatch system that tracks driver qualifications.
Knowing the company you keep is important: At RST Industries we are committed to quality of service, dedicated to safe and efficient deliveries, and always determined and prepared to rise to the next challenge…we are a company on the move.