Black Product

Black Petroleum

Experts in moving heating oil and liquid asphalt

From heating oil to liquid asphalt, RST has a wide range of expertise and equipment to meet the unique transport demands of the black petroleum industry. Value, quality and safety drive our deliveries of heating product to bulk plants, mills and large institutions. Responsiveness and flexibility have paved the way to our success supplying asphalt to the road and construction industry.

Up-to-date technology plus new and diversified equipment translates into significant cost savings for our customers through greater operational efficiencies. Call in your orders or take advantage of our value-added inventory management service - it's our promise to you, you'll never run out.

We are experienced carriers of black petroleum products including: 

  • Bunker C
  • Liquid Asphalt

Ensuring your black petroleum products are delivered with the correct specifications is critical. At RST, strict quality control standards are maintained and monitored through our quality control program.