Light Petroleum

Flexibility fuels the way every day

From retail gas to industrial diesel, jet fuel to marine fuel, RST has a wide range of expertise and equipment to meet the ever-changing demands of the light petroleum industry. Our Fleet Managers are empowered decision-makers, ready to tackle your most challenging orders.

With experienced, qualified professionals in the driver's seat, our fleet includes DOT 306 and DOT 406 tanks in single and multi-compartment units. Up-to-date technology plus new and diversified equipment translates into significant cost savings for our customers through greater operational efficiency. 

We are experienced carriers of a variety of light petroleum products including: 

  • Fuel oil, diesel and all distillates
  • Gasoline
  • Lube oil
  • Jet fuel
  • Marine fuels

Ensuring your light petroleum products are delivered with the correct specifications is critical. At RST, strict quality control standards are maintained and monitored through our quality-control program.